Umkomasani Waterfall

Giant's castle silhouettes the sky

With turrets 'neath the clouds chopped square

His turfed out cup lies just close by.

Here at his cauldron I stand and stare.


This granite pot hewn from the earth

By centuries of torrent wear

Is said to satisfy the mirth

Of Sani Giant, reigning there.


The effluent waters gently flow

From distant walls of mural might.

Momentum's rate will quickly grow

As river rapids come in sight.


Cast with the hate of a sadist's squeeze

The river drops to death below.

Blue into white the colours freeze -

Droplets of spray from sheets of flow.


A thunder clap rolls out the joy

The Sani Giant knows just now.

Beautiful things he must destroy;

He reigns supreme - to him all bow.


The claps recur, his face aglow.

But as I stand and see it all,

I too am glad despite the woe

To see this glorious waterfall.


Gone is the storm - no more the cloud.

A solar spectrum struts the falls.

Love's pure created bow will crowd

The Sani Giant behind his walls.


January 1965


At Sani Pass in the Drakensberg