Fly your kite high into the sky

Tugging as she darts into air current

Ascension above un-mowed meadows,

Weaving and dancing with choreographed patterns

In relaxed zigzags,

The tail lagging gracefully behind.


Launched as a dove of peace

Into the wide skies, avoiding return

With an olive branch, sprig of resurrection

Competing for airspace with the flight-path of birds

Droning sea-planes and dangling para-gliders,

Wind-powered generator of joy.


Connect with the heavens in playful contemplation,

Awaiting a personalised message

Felt in the vibrations of the heart

Experienced deep within the soul;

A still small voice as the kite descends

After earthquake, wind and fire.



2 July 2005


On flying my kite in the meadow above Ringgenberg