Peak Performance

Walk andante [1] on a path through Alpine meadows

As crescendo drum rolls light the spark of freedom [2]

On the slopes that leave the low-pitched blues

As a solo voice blends with another

To become the duet of a single song shared

And the choir joins in the chorus

Beyond that of the birds.


Slow the pace to largo [3] through dark forests

Until silence becomes the only sound

Beyond snapping twigs that break the eight bar rest

Then struggling to put one foot above another

In the contortions of ballet

Tripping and slipping in the mud bath

Of a leafy floor.


Go adagio [4] across the cliffs and boulders

Clambering upwards over heavy metal underground

Quavering on hard rock, scaling the heights

With eagles soaring easily overhead

While angels reach for the bread of heaven [5]

And we rejoice that we're there

On top-G above gravity.


Downhill cadenzas spill into the finale

Off-beat [6], three steps at a time

Lifting the roof of the cabriot [7]

In a victory song above Hotel D'Ville [8]

And applause within dies into soul satisfaction

As a carillon [9] of cow bells rings,

Rejoicing over Calvin's city.


24 June 2007

On visiting the Geneva Music Festival just after climbing Tréchauffé's Peak in The Alps.

[1] Walking pace

[2] For us the Music Festival began with the arrival of a drum and fife band in Place D'Neuve

[3] Very slow

[4] Quite slow

[5] The Holy Trinity Choir sang 'Panis Angelicus' in St Pierre's Cathedral

[6] Reggae

[7] The red open-topped Renault Convertible which André drove to The Alps.

[8] An opera 'Atlas' sung in the courtyard where the Geneva Convention was signed outlining conduct in war, and where the first session of the League of Nations was held.

[9] We not only heard cow bells, but also climbed the cathedral tower and played 'Jesus Loves Me' and 'Once in Royal ...'