The Ballerina

Elizabeth Regina shields the Sugar-Plum Fairy

And the family of ancient celebrants

Waiting for Santa, chief priest of gifts

With dreams of a magician's creation

Through hope-giving gestures of kindness and love,

As mice lose the fight for cheese and biscuits

Defeated by a child's hand gently applied

Before pointing above to lands of mystery.


But the gigantic goes Lilliputian

As we wait for another princess to take the stage

With acclaim for the music she graces

Striding the ballet with meaning in mime

Knowing that hers too is an elfin gift

Greater than the New Year's Honour's list.


After attending the performance of The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, with appreciation for a marvellous gift, and thoughts of a budding ballerina in the family


31 December 2005