Quadrupled Thanks

The Albert Hall;

Packed out in circles

Winding above the promenade binoculared into sight

With feet stamping tympanically in rhythm

Their mobiles switched off as the ring broadcasts

On Radio Three.


Mendelssohn's song;

Enchantment's joy in the softest of sound

Echoes of boyhood dreams and a marriage of minds

As the magical world of a midsummer drama

Lights up the memories

In box number ten.


Beethoven's theme;

Transports the listeners a half-beat late

Thumping bellicose drums in tune with Shaka's impis

In the urban destruction of invading forces

Singing the song of freedom, justice and peace

The Ulsterman's way.


Celebrate birth;

Taxied and elevated to Elgar in a triple course meal

With still water flowing calmly without the bubble

Alongside wild mushroom strudel

Gently recalled in thanks

On the ten twenty six.


Song without words;

Those infantile lips struggle with sweet nothings

To say something that's meaningful and true

So glotto-palatal expressions come from the heart

In gratitude's song

Of ta ta ta taa ......


With appreciation to Andre and Patrick

13 August 2005