Blue Print for the Future

We look through a glass darkly from a three-way table       [1]

Reflecting a year that ends in nominated excellence     [2]

At the point of the city's legality and corporate markets     [3]

That range from an ancient tower to a yellow bird's harbour     [4]

With glances at the decades spent with an East End beginning     [5]

As opera glasses show the wearied workers' faces     [6]

On the chaos of the breeze-blown river flowing onwards    

Beneath the bridge lifted with the blue print of purpose    

For a future that cannot be banked in a design museum.   [7]

But the moon rises full from its creator's original source   

Blessing the wistful diners with rising tides

Lighting up new reflections on glazed walls

From an unknown origin, mysterious in complexity  [8]

With assurance that the years ahead are filled with hope.


Blue Print Café  

September 2002


[1] M,P and A at the table, with echoes of 1 Cor 13

[2] Andre's 'excellent' assessment and the HC nomination

[3] City Point - Simmons and Simmons

[4] We could see the Tower of London and Canary Wharf

[5] TSA started in the East End

[6] The opera glasses on the table

[7] The café is part of the Design Museum

[8] We could not work out the source of the reflections we were seeing!