Overwhelmed by the west windDSCF1761-1_1.JPG
Fast-forwarded in computer animation
Programmed with sticks of dynamite
Exploding granite overhead
Smoke billowing, blowing away cobwebs
Contrails disappearing into kaleidoscopic fluff
Along wriggly lines of fractional dimension[1]
Shaping the Western Isles before Rockall
Or Norwegian fjords hiding Vikings
Floating over and beyond, passing
To enchant another’s imagination
With cumulonimbic creation of the skies.
Head in the clouds, feet on the ground
Foot on the accelerator, not moving an inch.
July 2010
On seeing David’s computer-generated images of the clouds over Ashcombe Hill, Westhumble

[1] A mathematical mechanism for calculating curving lines such as a coastline

Photo and video by David Taylor