Maypole Weavers

Brockham's children dance

Merrily around the maypole

Weaving green and gold

In and out of each other

Heralding the arrival of spring.


Clematis climbs the trellis

Weaving its way heavenward

Roots exploring deep

Below ground level

To feed the blossoms of spring.


Dwarf spiders weave

Octagonal criss-crossings

Sticky silk secreted

To net tomorrow's catch

Prolific in the meadows of spring.


The magpie knows its plan

Weaving sticks and grass

With someone's stolen silver

Trying to teach others

The ins and outs of spring.[1]


All nature unites

In vernal celebration

As the sun weaves its beams

Beatifically enfolding the children

In the beauties of early spring.


23 May 2008


Brockham School's maypole dance on the village green.


[1] The legend that the magpie tried to teach the other birds how to make a nest