The Powerhouse

Floorboards creak with the routines of clockwork

As the lord of the manor rises

To kneel in the private house of prayer [1]

Sealed off incommunicado,

Alone with his maker - the giver of life.


Methodism's founder faces south [2]

Interceding for his parish - the world

Over which some would have wept

And others rejoiced

That Lutine's bell is silent - and all are saved. [3]


In the quiet time of morning

The mind is cleansed and memories cleared

With love rekindled and near perfected [4]

In preparation for the day ahead,

With ideas clarified - ready for action. [5]


Seek a preservation order

For permanent listing without alteration,

Not just for trees across the street

But the whole of creation

Until the clock stops ticking at midnight. [6]


13 May 2007


After visiting Wesley's House, City Road 10/5/07

[1]  Leslie Weatherhead and other famous Methodists are honoured in the vestibule of Wesley's Chapel. Weatherhead wrote: The Private House of Prayer

[2]  The kneeler faces south across St Paul's, not far from where Wesley's conversion took place

[3]  The bell , based in Lloyd's of London, used to rung for important announcements - one stroke for bad news and two for good

[4]  Wesley's definition of holiness - perfect love

[5]  Brother of Gerald McCann had spoken on Radio 2 urging that prayer be translated into action in the search for four-year old Madeleine, abducted in the Algarve.

[6] Wesley prayed ia for the newly formed denomination, which is now in numerical decline.