Instrument of Peace

Did Francis walk along these shores

Feeling the warmth of the sun

The cooling South-East breeze

Sensing the fynbos freshness

And find here deepest peace?


Did he gaze on the beauties of sunrise

The earliest surf bringing hope

From the chills and dark of the night,

The pinks and greys then fading

To the brilliance of morning light?


Did he see the sunbird and bulbuls

Cavorting in the wind-swept veld

Beyond the sand-dunes bare?

Epitomised play of freedom and fun

As joy breaks through despair .


Did enchantment with the beauties of nature

Blind him from seeing someone else

Joining the proteas in prayer

Did he murmur a 'pardon, I'll leave you'

Or ask for the privilege to share?


St Francis is a place to discover

 Our healing through further creation

From being loved to loving,

Through, what's received, but more so given;

Dying for another beginning.


Let the dreams of our St Francis

Fill the nights of turbulent fears

When we encounter the pensive stranger

And find no Assisi saint

But the one laid in Bethlehem's manger.


St Francis Bay:


With reflections on the prayer of St Francis, who had a mystical experience of Christ.


24 July 1995