Called together but always mentioned first,
The older of the sons of Zebedee, the fishing boat owner,
Wanting to be top dog and seated as the right-hand man
But seemingly destined for the second fiddle role.
Labelled thunderous, and rumbling with inner turmoil
That explodes in anger when emotions erupt and boil over,
Spoiling all with a mother’s genes and dreams.
Called to the inner sanctum with Peter and John,
Witness to the raising to life of a deceased daughter
And then of what’s beyond for the transfigured Christ.
Beckoned to a garden to share the anguish of choice,
Expected at Golgotha yet disappearing into nobody,
But now tramping across a continent confident, teaching
Contentment when the first is last even when the end comes first.
August 2011

On The Way of St James, Estaing, Aveyron, France.
Photograph - with St James in Conques, Aveyron, France

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The calling of James and John    Matthew 4: 18 -22; The Sons of Thunder    Mark 3:17; A dispute about who is the greatest   Luke 22: 13-30         A mother asks Jesus to grant a special status to her sons   Matthew 20:20-28; At the raising of the daughter of Jairus   Mark 5: 22-43;       The transfiguration of Christ     Mark 9: 1-10; In the garden of Gethsemane   Mark 14: 32-42; James, on social standing:     James 2: 1-9; James, the first of the disciples of Jesus to be killed   Acts12: 1-2