Death-promoting sins multiply seventy times seven
To become overwhelming weapons of our destruction.
     Lecherous lust finds a dagger on a London street;
     Consuming jealousy bayonets another in the desert
     Flaming anger explodes in an army of pikemen;
     Growing greed confronts assegais in Zululand;
     Boastful pride increases with a samurai sword;
     Indifferent sloth bumps into an Australian boomerang;
     Expanding gluttony meets the Bushman’s poison arrow.
Weapons and vice nail down the crucified Christ,
Crowned with thorns, and pierced by a spear,
Absorbing their venom to the point of death.
Yet laying them there in full surrender
Creates new life for us - and the world.
March 2012

      They shall look on him whom they pierced John 19:37


Inspired by the dramatic scupture: Die Harder,  by David Mach RA.

Click here
to see a video of the sculpture being installed in Southwark Cathedral.

Image of Die Harder from:www.kateboardman.me.uk