The Visitation

Your angel is looking for me
Wanting to expand vision,
Magnifying Maker into Saviour
Who calls us to the joys
Of sharing a greater task.
Your angel stands by me
In the travail of the soul
Ministering hope and purpose
In uncomfortable moments
'Midst the grief of gradual loss.
Your angel cleaves to me,
Gently cradled by forearms
Enfolding us with love
In the confusion of divine mystery
Whose depths we long to know.
June 2012

After a Bible Study Series led by Norman Howe on the theme: ‘The Deep Things of God.‘ 1 Cor 2: 10
An angel visited Mary (Luke 1); an angel ministered to Jesus in Gethsemane (Luke 22); and in the desert, after severe testing (Matt 4)