Made Perfect

Flint sliced as stone strikes stone
In acute angles of sharpening cuts
Felling timber shaved for holding
With the stone which the builders rejected
Added as the head of the hammer
Pounding brass with controlled force
Shaping the cup, the plate, the spoon
For a thousand generations of village stew.
While faith transforms some other elements
Of flesh and blood, or heart and soul,
As together we share in divine communion
With the eternal Spirit perfecting us,
Mere clay, remade for tomorrow’s world,
Fit for purpose in the Maker’s mind.
Pentecost in Stammheim, Switzerland
May 2013 

Written after the morning service in the church in Unterstammheim, and the day after a visit to the Potter and Bronze Founders’ Workshop,  Pfahlbauten, Germany, where we saw stone and bronze age implements dating back to 4000 BC.
For photographs of Pfahbauten and Stammheim, click here