My sins hurt you and I did not know
Until you told me and I realised the damage.
Your sins hurt me and you did not know
Until I told you and you realised the damage.

Bound by what happened, some of it long ago,
Both of us suffering the consequences;
Bad blood and wishing the separation of death,
Not knowing you'd probably feel the same about me.

I didn't know what to do with my hurt
And you didn't know what to do with yours.
I should have hung my head in shame
And could have hung yours with blame.

Until I realised God suffered sin's hurts among us.
Sinless, he shared sin's damage; crowned with thorns,
Hands and feet nailed, a side pierced,
Blood flowing in undeserved and comprehensive death.

He absorbed the hurts of sin - dead and buried,
Not just for three days in the tomb
Waiting to be brought out again, but forever,
With a new beginning and way of life together.

His blood flowed instead of yours,
He died instead of me,
He suffered sin's consequences
His rising brings the gift of new life.

I can't change what you did to me
But I can remember him, and try to understand.
My hurt is gone, the damage I caused is forgiven.
And how I think of you is changed.

So even if you do not share my faith,
I can tell you what happened because of him:
My guilt is gone, my peace restored.
Difficult for Him, simple for me - and for you.

July 2014