Where’s My Pokémon?

Who'd have thought you'd find him
  in Bethlehem's manger
Or hiding in sawdust 
  under the carpenter's bench;
A young man lost in discussion 
  with experts of religion,
Called from the crowd, 
  to be baptised for a life of love
Which starts in a desert, 
  challenged by another Pokémon.
Then off to Galilee, 
  teaching, healing, providing,
But asleep in a boat 
  while others worry about a storm.
Unwanted in neighbouring Samaria 
  but he's there,
And also Gethsemane - 
  though it leads to a cross.
No more in the garden tomb though - 
  so try elsewhere.
The virtual has just invaded 
  our world of reality.
My Pokémon (I've given him that name) 
  came centuries earlier,
Down to earth, among us, 
  even in Bromley,
Looking for me, 
  though encouraging my search.
The Son of Man came to seek and to save ..... (Luke 19:10

You will find me ..... (Jeremiah 29:13)   

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July 2016