The Book

It is not only 21st Century Christians who have grappled with the message of The Bible and needed to pray for clearer understanding of its truths:
  • the first five books with the history of Israel’s journey from Egypt;
  • poetry extolling the glory of God;
  • the prophets calling for justice;
  • the coming of Jesus in the New Testament leading to the cross-resurrection event;
  • letters with guidance for newly-formed churches discovering the Holy Spirit.

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus
Bringing history from the abyss
Great escapes, commands and rulesGenesis.JPG
Reversing porcupine under the vine
Looks for the way
Job, Psalms, Proverbs
Echoing words in poetic blurbs
Rhyming ideas, couplets and quatrains
Scented rose and a squirrel’s pose
Celebrating beauty
Another disturbs.


                    Song of Songs, Isaiah, Jeremiah,
                    Issuing warnings with prophetic fire
                    Incisive thinking in scathing attack
                    Prickly pear and grizzly bear
                   Calling for justice
                   To which to aspire.

Matthew, Mark, Luke
Telling the story in the up-to-date book
With gentler touch and tender words
While a thorny headband and wounded hand
Show how he achieved    
The brand new look.[1]

Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians
To first century churches under construction
Exploring the faith in concentrated text
Their wine mellowed red as they break crusts of bread
With a prayer
For comprehension. [2]
September 2009


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