Credit Crunch Crucifixion

Credit crunch criminals
Each blaming the other
Asking that someone’s blood be spilt for corporate guilt,
But he says: ‘Father forgive, they know not what they do.’[1]
Credit crunch credoalt
Pinned there by nails of over-indulgence
In the best and even better; overlooking the letter
He says: ‘Today you’ll be with me in paradise.’[2]
Credit crunch cradle
Boomeranged back into her arms
The umbilicus un-severed, the arrows re-quivered
As he says: ‘Son, behold your mother.’[3]
Credit crunch craving
Dregs of dried up assets, drained
By lending to a brother what we won’t recover
As his parched lips mouth the words: ‘I thirst.’[4]
Credit crunch cries
Stigmatised into statistics; alone in the wilderness
Redundant and off the payroll, waiting for the dole
Hearing him say: ‘My God, why have you forsaken me?’[5]
Credit crunch crash
Shares plunging in life-threatening disaster;
With the mission completed, the enemy defeated
He shouts the cry of fulfilment: ‘It is finished.’[6]
Credit crunch crisis
Ends in submission to the simpler life;
The dawn of a new creation, awaiting resurrection
We say: ‘Into your hands I commit my spirit.’[7]
April 2009
Reflections on Christ’s Seven Sayings on the Cross.
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