New Forest Birthday

Wandering through the tall trees

Beech leaves filtering mosaics of' light,

To celebrate four bees and a bee plus wasp

Encircling a year of separation,

Producing sweet success in a paper mould.


Tall trees of the new forest,

Cedars of Hermon's grandeur

Mingled with Himalayan transplants

Interspersed with Rhododendrons injecting Asia

Into Africa's mind under a European sun.


Bark splits into fresh beauty .

Bursting with growth

As the tall trees sway in a gentle breeze

And a twentieth ring appears

Recording another year of life.


Leaf mould carpets the walk

As the energy of the past

Flows into the saplings

Growing up strong

In continuity of generations.


In celebration of Catherine's examination success and her birthday as we anticipate a move to India


24 June 1989