Sky Speak

Golf bravo papa India uniformThe_Pier_at_Compton_Abbas.JPG
Cleared for take-off
Moves to the runway
Revving the engines
And soars into the skies
Propelled by icy currents
Squawked for identity
In the air-controller's radar
Uniquely numbered
Thumb-print of the sky
Turning right
As she veers for the coast.
     Golf India uniform
     Cruising below the clouds
     Under crackling atmospherics
     With basic services requested
     And transit granted
     In the ordered democracy of the skies
     Above a millionaire’s mansion
     Of multiple rooms
     In Surrey’s woodlands
     Contrasting with the other half’s basics
     In rows of south coast terraces
     That can spell contentment.
Golf bravo papa India uniformNot_far_now.JPG
With only the birds in controlled space
Above enclosures and downs
As the drone of the engine
Competes with the tinnitus
Of an ageing inner ear
Then reducing speed
And joining the circuit
Surrendering space, angled in descent
With a last-minute square-up
For the gentlest of landings
That even the birds can cheer.
March 2010
A flight to Compton Abbas with Steve in the Piper Warrior ll

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