The Mindless Scarecrow

20100106.13.jpgMolecules of hydrogen
Bonded around a speck
Of oxygenated dust
From heaven
As kaleidoscopic grain
Carpeting the Downs
Rolled up to become
A mindless scarecrow
With a frozen brain.
Guardian of the kerbside
Expecting scorn
But unexpectedly
By the close
Waiting in vain
For a Good Samaritan
But stuck there
For ever in weather
That’s been insane.
Sub-zero survival
Until I thaw with the sun
Meltdown to nothing
Along the gutter
And down the drain
To where we come from
Dust to dust, drop by drop;
Only my trainers
Are left to explain.
January 2010

With help from the Taylor poets, who made and photographed the snowman