The Anatomy Class

Gently folded in two, origami-style
Flexor digitorum profundus grasps the page,
Opponens pollicis adding human dexterity
While finger pulps streamline the emerging shape
With a right-angled triangle fashioning a nose up front,
Then folded back forty five degrees on itself
As wings, perfecting the Wright brothers’ design
For index fingers to approximate on the under-carriage,
Pronator quadratus rotating to load the catapult
With metacarpo- and inter-phalangeals stretched
And lumbricals ready to flick the dart from the launch-pad.
But take-off aborts and the pen’s at the ready to take notes
From the modern Galen alongside his dangling skeleton
Extolling the pincer mechanism of the human hand.

December 2010

Student-days pranks while in the anatomy lecture on the human hand.