The Waiter

This statue of a waiter stands outside a restaurant in Arosa, Switzerland. It is not where we experienced the long wait.He placed his order, but had to wait

Last month's tip impotent
As the clocks tick towards midnight
Once again out of control
At someone else's beck and call.
He made his wish, but had to wait
The coin tossed into a hopeful font
As a bank balance slides into deficit
And the bank manager calls time out
When someone else drains the account.
He made his resolve, but had to wait
Wishing he could buy the parting moment
But the bio-metronome controlling his heart
Clicks heels in obedience to the Governor
While someone else prescribes the driver. [1]
He made his choice, but had to wait
For more than a gift to the penitent
While patience works at making perfect
Once the struggle to be better wanes
And someone else takes the reins.
July 2008
After a lengthy wait at a restaurant, with thoughts of other situations that require patience, including spiritual growth and death itself.

[1] The syringe driver - sometimes used to ensure continuous pain relief and comfort, especially at the end of life.