Power Cuts

 Blow that tungsten bulb

Vacuum-packed with brightness.Night_Time_London___Westminster_at_Night.jpg
Switch to the energy-saver
Before they turn on darkness
And pupils dilate hardly seeing
The night lights of the city
Reflecting the Commons.
Blow their mug
To cool down the coffee
Bubbling from the machine
With extra-large cappuccino
Or is it double espresso
They need for a fix
Even though it’s night-time.
Blow the budget-cuts.
Live on the red carpet
Blinded by floodlights on stage
Laser-beams searching the skies
Fireworks exploding with Diwali
Until the final switch clicks
And it’s lights out forever.
November 2010

Thoughts abiout the UK Government's Spending Review while overlooking Westminster from outside The National Theatre, The Southbank Centre, Waterloo

Night Time London - Westminster at Night - by courtesy Gareth Williams © 

'On-Off'' - a video by David Taylor