Sting in the Tale

     The grizzly bear
     gnaws a prickly pear
     While dashing cheetah
     claws a spiny anteater;
     Hedgehog prickle
     strokes with gentle tickle
     But great white fin
     pokes at crocodile skin.

Mosquito.jpg          Stinging nettle
          feels like molten metal
          While antelope horn
          peels off bark at dawn;
          Mosquitoes bite 
          in the dead of night
          Betraying trust 
          with a dagger’s thrust.

     Porcupine quill viper_2_1_.jpg
     writes the bitter pill
     While a viper's fang
     frightens off harangue
     The journalist’s jab 
     makes for tabloid blab
     But a poet’s pen 
     wakes up quiet men;
July 2010
Farcical rhyme on some forms of writing.