Eyes glisten as the mercury rises,
With the horizon shimmer of a midday mirage
And forecast rumours, just as deceiving
As the sheen of silk in pent-up emotion;
The upper lip trembling, and the hint of a swallow,
With clouds built up in unrelieved tension
Of droplet energy, retained and restrained,
And concealed by the blink of an eyelid.
Until a single drop rolls down the cheek,
The first from overflowing clouds;
Emotions held up in the stratosphere
Wanting to retain the serenity of the skies
Until they reach saturation point, overwhelmed,
And then leak out, almost unseen,
But dabbed away with the gentlest of wipes
To leave the stain of a salt-road trickle.
Still the cyclone rumbles above
Turbulence increasing in heart and mind;
Droplets charged with electro-statics
Until the cloud bursts with thunder and lightning
And convulsive sobs produce a torrent of tears;
Soaked through, but clearing the air
In the dance of early monsoon joys
And clarity of vision, at least for a while.
August 2013