Dressed for Court

Gowned for justice
Calling for silence
With a stern look
Beneath a name of fame:
Her majesty the queen,
Sitting bolt upright.

Suited for soliciting
The case folded neatly on the arm,
High-heeled swagger,
One to accuse, the other refuse;
Clearly pros and cons
Up and down the corridor.

Uniformed by the law
Shoulder tabs grading rank
Rough and tough, but kindly,
Handcuffs at the ready
In case he's sent down
For wristband labelling.

Just ordinary, plain-clothed,
With worn-out footwear,
Waiting in fear to appear
When all they'll do is plead mercy,
Hoping for the best
In a well-dressed world.

May 2014

In the waiting room of Bromley Magistrates' Court.