Brass Inside Out

Tubing twisted into its own vital capacity
Of cold air from top to bottom moved along by lips
Applied to the mouthpiece with buzzing embouchure
Shaped by orbicularis oris cooling down the tea
With air whizzing round corners and through the valves
Alleyways of dead ends unthinkingly opened,
Until the vibrations blend together
Resonating off the drain pipes and out of the bell
To become Sousa’s pride and joy,
While salivary residue gurgles down the slide
Looking for the way out at the other end
Until the corked key opens in polite evacuation.
But the taste of brass lingers
For another generation of blowers.
November 2010

Photograph: Wave of Brass  ©  Judith Sparhawk

By kind permission
From the gallery: Fun with Abstracts on Photography by Sparhawk 
.....  'Playing with an image of several brass instruments, liking the reflections, the colors, the graceful sweep of the abstract image.'