He’ll Be Back

Trans_America_Building__Coit_Tower_and_Alcatraz.JPGNot him the cast-off
For the baby-dumping point
But cuddled as a Christmas bear
Festively snow-flaked
Fully accepted.
Rushed to the fortieth floor
Well above the fogs
Of the Financial District
And an economy on the up
Still materially tempted.

      Introduced to the twelve
      At Fisherman’s Wharf
      Plying their wares
      Alongside street musicians
      Called and selected.
      Seated at Boudin’s
      Ready for five thousand
      Enjoying clam chowder in sour dough
      With not a crumb
      Of leftovers detected.
Confined on Alcatraz
For crimes uncommitted
Solitary and alone
Yet uncomplaining
That his freedom’s affected.
Led up Telegraph Hill
As a fireman might his crew
Willing to die
To save another
On a cross they’ve erected.

      Gathered for the banquet
      No upper room,
      But a garage decked
      For welcomes and then farewells
      That might leave them dejected.
      Embarked for departure
      Beyond the Golden Gate
      Disappearing into thin air
      As he says: ‘I’ll be back’
      So now he’s expected.

December 2009
Following a visit to San Francisco and the Bay Area reflecting on some of the events in the life of Christ and recalling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s concluding words in the movie: The Terminator

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