Astronomical Exploration

Stand at the centre of the galaxy

With planets circling round you,

Wandering elliptically in orbit

Attracted by convergence

Yet fleeing ever outwards

In the longing to be free.


Intended to be together,

Spheres of matter travelling in time,

Light years of distance apart

Hurtling at their own speed;

Independent, yet held in balance

As one single cosmos.


Larger than the centre could ever be,

This composed system exists

With nothing but nothingness between,

Held together by a presence

Whose unseen existence is beyond

The visualised universe we explore.


One single form, united in diversity

With planets yet to be discovered

And lovingly accepted as part of who we are,

With deeper understanding of the force

That holds us and them eternally together

As one created whole.



25 June 2005


On wandering along the 'planetenweg' that starts below the Ringgenberg Church.