The Organist

Here Byron's elegaic stanzas mine

The condensed speech of poets' special art

Juggling with rhythm and words to fit the line

And give the ear the jewel of the heart.

Here Mendelssohn's rhapsodic suites are born

With melodies that flow in Alpine streams,

Cheering the hearts and minds of those that mourn

Lifting their souls to heights of which they dream.

The cloister chapel sings its faith in praise

Of him whose life was given fighting wrong;

The organ unrehearsed soon sets the pace

With double manuals piping out their song.


Greater have graced these cloister's ancient walls;

Today it's you who's given them echoing calls.



11 July 2004


Written after lunch at Hotel Interlaken, following morning service at the Cloister Chapel, which is part of the Schlosskirche. Byron (1816) and Mendelssohn (1832-1847) had stayed at the Closter Guest House, predecessor to the hotel.