Holiday Rhymes


          The Game
          When the champion decided on Scrabble 
          She moaned and she groaned at the rabble
          Of seven round vowels
          That troubled her bowels
          Yet scored two sixty eight with her dabble.


The Climb
When he had a go at the mountain
His physical fitness was wanton
At four hundred meters
He’d depleted his litres
So stopped for a drink at the fountain.


            In Church
           The preacher gave such a long sermon
           We thought we must surely be vermin
           But he told us we’re not
           The Lord saves the lot,
           The English, the French and the German.


Making Hay
The farmer was driving the tractor
And fell, so we thought it a fracture
But he got to his feet
Saying ‘nothing to treat
Just get me a good chiropractor’.


           On Board
           We laughed as his throw missed the picket
           But he smiled as he asked for our ticket.
           He tooted his horn
           Just wanting to warn
           That Swiss boys play tennis, not cricket.


The Oven
We kneaded the dough in the making
And sprinkled the flour we’d been shaking.
When she opened the door
We found bread on the floor
A fresh loaf by old-fashioned baking.


           The Dance
           The men came with bells they had tinkered
           The women with dresses they’d fingered.
           The rain pelted down
           So we thought we might drown
           But the dancing continued unhindered.


The Falls
The Eiger, the Monch and the Jungfrau
Force water through cracks that are narrow
It explodes into spray
With spectral display
Of tears that know nothing of sorrow.

          The Spa
          We switched on the jacuzzi's bubble
          And found it dissolved all our trouble
          As we stared into space
          While they massaged the face
          We wished we had shaved off the stubble.

July 2009
A light-hearted limerick a day that reflected the jollity of a holiday in Ringgenberg, Switzerland.

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