Another Father Christmas

Cherry on the top of the worldTaking a rest in Berne Station

He presides gently over all

From his intra-terrestrial grotto

Uniting every nation

Without declaration or treaty

But the very simplest convention

That of exchanging gifts

Allaying confrontation.


Lines of longitude merge

In a single polar point

Snow-bound underground

He googles earth for delivery routes

That are bound to need a compass

Criss-crossing the spider’s web

That spans the global wreath

In digital navigation.United Nations, Geneva


Hibernating bears doze

While reindeers prepare to leave

For the journey of every year

With hardly a carbon foot-print

Keeping pace with the environs

As delivery sacks pile up

With good gifts overflowing

In Christmas celebration.


The workers keep to the deadlines

Of manufacturing production

Satisfying desires, making profit

While the old man takes a break

Leaving others to assume his role

As Santas cloned for the occasion

Diplomats of peace

In wise men delegation.


December 2008


After visiting Santas’s grotto, Rochers-de-Naye one day and the United Nations, Geneva, the next. The UN logo centres on the north pole, conveying the message that no one continent is more important than another.


For pictures see: Santa in Switzerland and United Nations, Geneva