Hayling Island Scarecrow

Stuffed with straw and nothing much moreDSCF5165_1.JPG
Scraggly-haired scarecrow with plaits in a bow
Chasing the seamen like a psyched-up demon
Using her broom and a feathery plume
Intended to scare though she welcomes them here
To view the attraction adding more than a fraction
But they’re back home again as quick as they came
Just a word on the phone then they leave her alone
Except the grand old sire who's joined the choir
Singing his rhyme in three-four time
Till the leader conducting said it's simply destructing
Our musical peace, so leave if you please.

Reject and exclude, she's done what she should;
Not even one's left, so the island's bereft.

After visiting the Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival

Photo by David Taylor

August 2010