Croft Cottage Hospitality

In the calm of Forneth fieldsThe_dyke_at_Croft_Cottage.JPG
With stone dykes mossed
And ploughed fields hedged
Where the deer lies down with the hare
And the woodpecker gambols with squirrels
In the joys of nature’s play.

In branches over Lowes
Where a father hunts
And a mother feeds
The fledglings in their Osprey nest
But he’s out again in reconnaissance
Diving the dodging pike.
     Where the Tay flows through Dunkeld
     Under the stone bridge
     And history’s feud
     Where left and right are united
     In their view of the past and the future’s hope
     Of cohesive community.
     Up the winding glen of Quaich
     Where the heather waits
     For warmer days
     And the carol of searching bees
     That will swarm back to a waiting queen
     And the warmest of welcomes there.

July 2010
After visiting Paul and Ena Latham at Croft Cottage, Forneth, Blairgowrie.

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