The Immigration Office

They arrive like Paddington from here and there
Containerised for export in the unwanted goods-yard
Luggage-labelled, hoping someone may care for a bear
Shipped off as slaves without a green card                                     
Like Ugandan Asians made stateless by decree
This freedom-loving asylum seeker
Follows Huguenot and Hungarian refugee
Who fled their country in unceremonious departure.
Disposable throw-aways discarded in limbo
With a thousand questions of whys and wherefores
Queuing up in Croydon for Home Office mumbo-jumbo
Feeling they could never belong here because of the laws
Until someone manages a smile and extends a hand,
Offering the warmest of welcomes to a foreign land,

September 2012 

Inspired by Caroline Bowditch's presentation at the Southbank Centre: Leaving Limbo Landing