Coverack_Beach.JPGContinents in collision
Fracture revolving earth
With deeper layers upending a crack
On the low-tide beach pebbled by magma
Uncovering creation’s furnace to Coverack.

Seals and penguins
Adorn the Chynhall Cliffs
Showing off a sculptor’s knack
In ferro-concrete reinforced
To exhibit creative art to Coverack

                        One generation watches 
                        While another loads the rod
                        And casts a float of yellow and black
                        That disappears beneath secret shelves
                        Showing off family anglers to Coverack.


Smugglers dodge
Victoria’s excised customs
With contraband imported to stack
In thatched luxury on Church Street
Exposing history’s crime to Coverack.

Peter and Keverne
Watch over the waiting bay
With a pastoral team that knows no lack
Of sharing village joys and sorrows
Revealing today’s Christ to Coverack.

August 2009

Cameos of a visit to Coverack, celebrating its geologically significant coastline. The Terence Coventry Sculptures are near Chynall's Point. The coast is ideal for learning the art of fishing. Local saint Keverne stands alongside St Peter in the St Peter's Parish Church window. If the local vicar would have been concerned about 19th century smuggling, today's emphasis includes pastoral care. 

For more photographs of the visit see Cornwall 2009