Arms spread in amazement as the meal begins

And bread is broken on the Emmaus table

With a dawning of divine presence

As our hearts burn within us

Until the dramatic moment breaks

With the fire alarm.[1]


Music lifts heavenward in evensong worship

Melodies interweaving chants from Westminster stalls

In adoration of him who is among us

So that our hearts slow in contemplation

Until the sacred atmosphere is complemented

By a baby's cry.[2]


The curtain falls on the Lyceum stage

As the orchestra drums the finale from the pit

And the circle of life continues as a king reigns supreme

And our hearts quicken in rhythm

As another performance ends in celebration

With audience applause.[3]


22 November 2007,

Following visits to The National Gallery, Westminster Abbey and The Lion King.


[1] While having Garravagio's painting explained to us

[2] During the Magnificat

[3] The Lion King concluded a day out with the Eriksons