Mission with a Mission

One in history's celebration

We unite in joyful praise

For the years of fruitful service

Offered in so many ways.

With each other we are bonded

By a wholesome unity

Fellowship we find together

In true Christian harmony.


Your salvation is the story

We're determined to proclaim

Through our teaching and our preaching

And the holiness we claim.

Through our living, through our speaking

Through forgiveness and through care

We discover our faith deepens

As its deepest truths we share.


We've inherited the mission

Which your people's minds explored

To express your total purpose

For a world to be restored.

Let this place of grace created

For the splendour you intend

Still receive you, Lord, as saviour,

Teacher, healer and as friend.


Sovereign Lord, eternal Saviour

May your purpose us inspire

In this mission with a mission

That upholds what you desire

Make us worthy to be partners

In a task that is divine,

Bringing honour to your kingdom

And the glory fully thine.


Tune: South Shields


Chikankata's Golden Jubilee

Click here for photographs of Chikankata in the 1970s


September 1995