Rightly Named

The label did describe a part of you

That they have quickly learned to loathe or fear

As crime, stockaded for the crowd to jeer

At some strange person brought before their view.

Your preferences become the dark taboo

With which we speak of those you love as queer

Because they're different from what does appear

To most as normal and a way that's true.


Reject with me the ease with which to name

This unknown man who's one among the best

But relegated with the castaways.

Explore and find his nature without blame,

His many gifts uncovered in the quest

To know his name in these accepting days.



28 June 2005


After hearing Major Katty Ruth make reference to the dangers of giving a nameless identity to asylum seekers and other groups of people we label.

'Once you get to know them,' she said, 'you can't chase them away.'