Tablets of Stone

The laws are written down on mountain snow

As Alpine currents force up thunder clouds

That roll down crags and cliffs to plains below

Evaporated wisps, condensing shrouds

Which veil and then unveil what should be seen

Of nature's beauty we could not behold,

Deterred by worship's ancient screen

That kept the mind on him we're told

Preserves and governs all that he has made,

Revealing codes by which to interact

In preservation orders gently stayed

On those whose ancient faith remains intact.


Society creates its modern law

Protecting us from doomsday's glacial thaw.



19 July 2004


Written after a visit to the Piz Gloria on the Schilthorn.


There are echoes of 2 Corinthians 3: 7ff, reflections on the disappearance of faith, and the changing moral code of modern Europe, with greater emphasis on environmental legislation, to a large extent due to the growing influence of the Greens.