Ringgenberg's Secret


Where do we find the secret place

In a century of sanctified rest

For wearied generations

Coming for refreshment

To a village between the lakes?Gastehaus_Heilsarmee__Ringgenberg.JPG


Is the secret place at the table

Of superb cuisine

Spread with loving care

Satisfying appetites

Heightened by mountain air?


Is it in the disciplined order

That satisfies the inspector

Who comes unannounced

To monitor resident satisfaction

For the state and the people?


Is it in the silence of dawn

As the word becomes flesh

On a personalised card

Translated into events

That bring meaning from today?


Valley shadows cloud the way

And uncertainties abound

As the sun sets on Ringgenberg

But consciousness stirs

Within a widening mind.


And the shade of the AlmightyIn_the_hollow_of_God_s_hand.JPG

Covers the chalet

In the brightness of the morning

As his servants rise

With hopes of another day.


And the vision grows

In the secret place of the heart

Prostrate in adoration

Before the partner

Of life's unending covenant.


The doors of a home may close

But the Ringgenberg secret

Will be reborn

As a special place

Under the shade of the Almighty.


Psalm 91:1-2


On visiting The Salvation Army's holiday home in Ringgenberg, near Interlaken, when it was under threat of closure


May 1998